The hotel industry is changing at a breathtaking pace: With new strategies, competitors, increasing quality requirements, rising cost-cutting pressure and new legal and political framework conditions. The speed of these changes requires a substantial amount of initiative and dedication from each individual involved as to not be left behind. It no longer suffices to simply "do your job well". The tourism industry's everyday reality calls for change, flexibility and constant adjustment to recent developments.

How does change management affect your work life? Great opportunities!

At the GCH Hotel Group you are not limited to perform one single duty: you are challenged to take over responsibilities, move forward with your career and acquire additional knowledge and skills. Everyone has a different motivation for working on their professional development by focusing on mutual success and getting closer to the achievement of personal goals. 

The GCH Hotel Group strongly commits to providing its employees excellent learning & development opportunities. We offer professional trainings, cross-exposure, career planning and work with external coaches who share their expertise with us. 
Leadership Academy
Each year, the GCH Hotel Group offers high-potential team members the opportunity to take part in the Leadership Program. Applications can be made by all team members who are ready to take the next step in their career. Participants are taught skills such as leadership strategies, presentation techniques and project management. Over the course of one year, participants are being prepared for future leadership positions within the company.
Commercial Campus
Our ‘Commercial Campus’ Program trains junior team members to take on a revenue/yield manager or sales manager role within just one year. Participants complete placements in relevant departments at the company, such as Marketing, Sales and Revenue Management, and the departments they work closely or share responsibilities with. Participants acquire knowledge and skills, which they can put into practice within their jobs. During the program, participants are not only being prepared for their future role within the GCH Hotel Group, as they also build a wide network of contacts within the company. 

GCH Campus
The GCH Hotel Group offers selected training courses for its employees throughout the year. From Leadership Skills to Sales & Marketing or PC Trainings - our training calendar offers exciting opportunities for everyone.
Apprentice Exchange Program
Our apprentices within their 2nd or 3rd year can, at their own request, swap their learning company with an apprentice from another hotel in Germany or Austria managed by GCH Hotel Group for up to four weeks during their apprenticeship. 
Welcome Days
We offer regular Orientation Trainings for all new hires within the GCH Hotel Group. In this way, we guarantee a smooth onboarding process and make our staff members feel welcome within our company.